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Capital Stock: € 650,000.00 f.p. Register of Companies of Turin TO N ° 00504760018 REA 161 060

Established in 1920, Col Giovanni Paolo S.p.A. has assumed, during the years, a prestigious position in the Electro Technical and Plant Engineering fields.

Having consolidated its position on the National and International market, but at the constant search of innovated developments suitable to carry the Company towards a  total diversification, it has put in action a one political of increase with the acquisition of companies in the Electronic, Environment, Systems, Railways and Electromechanical fields.

Today, COL is in the condition to offer a complete range of products and services, with elevated technological contents, answering to the crescent requirement of the market and of the customers. The experience of the staff, matured and consolidated inside and outside the Company, concurs a  qualified and specialized approach with the problematic ones of the fields, and represents the main resource.

Moreover, the great care of the technicians of the R. & D. to witch an equal percentage of 7% of the turnover is reserved, for the realization of new products and new technologies, guarantee the quality of the products.

Agile, flexible and always much careful to the tendencies and to the needs of the market, COL has planned and realized in 1994 a binding plan in order to equip the Company with a Total Quality System.

The company has decided to adopt a ” Model of Organisation , Management and Control ” and ” Code of Ethics ” in accordance with the dictates of Legislative Decree No .231 / 2001 . The Legislative Decree of 8 June 2001 . 231 introduced into our law the principle of accountability of institutions and companies . The Decree provides for the application of sanctions against the entity / company whose senior management or other employees have committed in the exercise of their functions , certain offenses in the interest and / or benefit agencies or companies themselves . The introduction of this Decree represented for the Company the opportunity to reaffirm the principles of the Code of Conduct of loyalty , fidelity and accuracy that have always characterized the modus operandi .

According to the productive specialization, the Company work on more plants located on the National territory: head office in   Moncalieri (TO) and branch offices in Barlassina (MI) and Piano Tavola (CT).


MOG231 Codice Etico MOG231 Modello